Sweet little Christina

I feel so lucky to have met this sweet family. Christina was well past the age that I am comfortable guaranteeing those posed sleepy newborn shots( she was two weeks at the time of the session), but she totally proved me wrong and slept like, well a baby, the whole time! So so wonderful 😀

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The Williamson Wedding

Love is beautiful and the love Thalina and Scott share is no exception. On this day, full of emotion and connection, I got lost in in all over again. Thalina is gorgeous, graceful and kind and Scott has a quiet and sweet nature. A true match in heaven 🙂 it was easy to see how much work had been put into every detail to ensure everyone present felt welcomed and equally important. Sweet memories and a life filled with happily every after is surely how this amazing families story will unfold….and what an honour to be the one chosen to document it…

















The Haslam Family

Heather is such a beauty. Her genuine soul lights up the room. If the world had more Heathers, things would be so much brighter 🙂 Her parents can take some of that credit for sure and when you see them loving each other, it isn’t hard to tell where Heather learned how to be such an incredible woman. I hope these images make you guys smile and remind you for generations to come how tangible and sacred the love that your family shares truly is 🙂

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♥ The LeFevre Wedding ♥

June 29th 2013. The first sunny day after a wicked stretch of good old BC weather. Cara; the most beautiful bride ever, was calm and collected..but I could feel the anticipation. Guthrie; so handsome and pensive..a true catch. There is love and there there are these two. The joy I experienced photographing their wedding day is indescribable. Surrounded by friends and family, they exchanged vows on the front lawn of their picturesque home and I was the lucky person chosen to document it. This kind of love happens once in a lifetime…

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The Clarke Family

There is nothing more lovely than family. I love photographing the love that each family shares; so unique and beautiful and the Clarke family are no exception. We spent some time at the river, a field and a park, soaking up the sweet smell of summer and enjoying every minute of it!

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Jamie {pregnant goddess}

Jamie is such a beautiful woman. Not that I needed to mention that, I mean, LOOK at her. If I told you she was even more beautiful on the inside I bet you wouldn’t believe me. You would be wrong 😉 I have known Jamie for 9 years now and we have spent so many wonderful hours discussing babies and birth over the years. Now that the time has come and she has grown her own little miracle, I cant lie, Im over the moon excited for her and Justin. She embodies pregnancy, and is just so graceful and lovely its hard not to well up when I see these images. Jamie, you mean the world to me. You and Justin will be (are already) the BEST parents ever! xoxoxo

“We have a secret in our culture and its NOT that birth is painful. Its that women are STRONG”

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