Sweet Baby Lucas

He arrived! Sweet little Lucas made his way to his parents arms and I travelled over to Vancouver Island to capture some sweet moments. Im finding myself falling deeper in love with capturing babies in their natural being; less posed,more real. Parents loving their sweet newbie up and siblings exploring on their own terms. I feel like these images speak to that love and genuine interaction. Im so grateful, I know Ive said is so many times before..but this is really the most amazing job.

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Sweet little Christina

I feel so lucky to have met this sweet family. Christina was well past the age that I am comfortable guaranteeing those posed sleepy newborn shots( she was two weeks at the time of the session), but she totally proved me wrong and slept like, well a baby, the whole time! So so wonderful πŸ˜€

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Beautiful Little Whitney

Whitney was so precious. Her lips were so kissable, I had to exercise some serious restraint to not kiss her! YUM! I photographed her birth only days before and it is always so incredible to me how quickly they change after birth. Her chubby, swollen just-birthed physique simply gave way to delicate, feminine features..and those LIPS….sigh..so Β much perfection I can hardly stand it πŸ™‚130A4255*





















Sweet Baby Sylvia

What a lovely opportunity to photograph this family! Such gentle and loving parents with a culture steeped in traditions and values. This baby girl is so loved and so incredible, but again, Im not surprised. Vanessa and Cyril are so connected to her. I feel privileged to have taken these and I hope they bring everyone many smiles for generations to come! πŸ™‚

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Amazing Baby Abhlin

This family is so special to me. It was very emotional for me to go through these images, as its clear how much love and dedication these two have. I feel blessed to have the this role; to be allowed to peer into a miracle in the making. Subtle looks, gentle gazes and deep profound love. Abhlin (pronounced AV-lin and written in traditional gaelic) was not the newborn that wanted to sleep. Instead she gave me deep, soulful looks; far too intelligent for her mere 6 days on this ‘side’. She is the epitome of an old soul and when she looks at me I can help but see the future. Meghan and Blair there are no words to thank you for the incredible gift you have given me. I will never forget or undervalue the love I have felt in your presence and I can honestly say that Abhlin chose you two because she is special and needed two amazing, loving and connected people to help nurture her into the amazing woman she will no doubt become. You are forever etched into my heart.

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