Sweet Baby Lucas

He arrived! Sweet little Lucas made his way to his parents arms and I travelled over to Vancouver Island to capture some sweet moments. Im finding myself falling deeper in love with capturing babies in their natural being; less posed,more real. Parents loving their sweet newbie up and siblings exploring on their own terms. I feel like these images speak to that love and genuine interaction. Im so grateful, I know Ive said is so many times before..but this is really the most amazing job.

130A3419- 130A3439- 130A3461- 130A3509- 130A3526- 130A3540- 130A3550- 130A3553- 130A3557- 130A3613- 130A3655- 130A3670- 130A3673- 130A3679- 130A3689- 130A3704- 130A3769- 130A3791- 130A3794- 130A3819- 130A3831- 130A3850- 130A3883- 130A3886- 130A3974- 130A4039- 130A4045- 130A4119- 130A4137- 130A4165- 130A4244- 130A4253- 130A4263- 130A4304-


Erin the Ocean Goddess

I am always so blown away by the exquisite beauty that emanates from pregnant women, and Erin is no exception. Her calm and easy going attitude made capturing shots a breeze. The ocean shots are my favourite! WARNING: If you’re offended by the naked form of a gorgeous pregnant woman PLEASE don’t look any further 🙂



130A1339* 130A1364* 130A1371* 130A1452* 130A1444* 130A1404* 130A1373* 130A1459* 130A1462* 130A1467* 130A1519* 130A1557* 130A1538* 130A1534* 130A1524* 130A1607* 130A1667* 130A1668* 130A1726* 130A1766* 130A1733* 130A1732* 130A1730* 130A1811* 130A1823* 130A1844* 130A1871* 130A1999* 130A1983* 130A1979* 130A1907* 130A2016* 130A2033* 130A2038* 130A2044* 130A2049* 130A2096* 130A2105* 130A2133*

The Haslam Family

Heather is such a beauty. Her genuine soul lights up the room. If the world had more Heathers, things would be so much brighter 🙂 Her parents can take some of that credit for sure and when you see them loving each other, it isn’t hard to tell where Heather learned how to be such an incredible woman. I hope these images make you guys smile and remind you for generations to come how tangible and sacred the love that your family shares truly is 🙂

130A2148* 130A2165* 130A2168* 130A2212* 130A2227* 130A2257* 130A2280* 130A2298* 130A2362* 130A2373* 130A2376* 130A2402* 130A2433* 130A2501* 130A2524* 130A2554* 130A2564* 130A2576* 130A2595* 130A2598* 130A2612* 130A2635* 130A2650* 130A2676* 130A2695* 130A2698* 130A2724* 130A2740* 130A2744*

Sweet Ruby

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Craig, Megan and their lovely canine companions Max and Ruby (yes thats right hehe) Ruby is aging and her health has been up and down, so Megan and Craig thought it would be a great idea to capture some family photos, as these moments, like life, are fleeting. The day was so warm and lovely and Ruby clearly knew she was the star of the show 🙂

130A7988* 130A8018* 130A8026* 130A8032* 130A8087* 130A8091* 130A8102* 130A8120* 130A8141* 130A8147*

The Ceniccola Family!








When families come together for Christmas, there is a certain magic created. Regardless of were we lay our heads, when the season is upon us, most find the drive to be together impossible to deny. It was simply awesome spending time with this amazing family as they embraced this time together, and once again, I am honoured to be the one chosen to lock these moments in time to be able to gaze at as the years pass and life inevitably changes and grows! Thank you so much for the opportunity guys! Enjoy

130A5660* 130A5694* 130A5699* 130A5716* 130A5724* 130A5737* 130A5742* 130A5748* 130A5749* 130A5783* 130A5801* 130A5806* 130A5826* 130A5832* 130A5845* 130A5849*