Katy & Jordan

 I remember so vividly the many times my brother and I have shared a laugh. Despite being almost 5 years apart and spending what seems like years apart throughout our lives, I can honestly say he is one of the most important people in my life. A sweet guy, so stinking hilarious, yet stoic and patient at the same time. He was at the birth of my first son, when I was 16 years old and he was just 12. My sweet brother, who couldn’t possibly understand the gravity of the situation, who had no judgement toward his sister being a pregnant teenager, stood by patiently and took in the experience and when it was time, my brother cut his first nephews cord…that was 15 years ago..

I should have known he would end up with Katy. Friends through high school, these two found each other in the most perfect of timing and have been inseparable for years. Katy is soft spoken and reserved. A woman of many thoughts and driven to succeed and be the best she can at everything she does without being aggressive. A graceful beauty and the first born in her home, Katy learned early on what family meant. A connection, a sacrifice, a deep love words can’t explain.

I remember when they told me they were going to have a baby. An overwhelming swell of emotion came into my heart, and I saw them differently. I couldn’t help but imagine all of the ways their life was going to change, and how they were now experiencing what I consider my calling, growing and giving birth to a new family under the care of loving midwives. I found out last year that I would get to be home on the Island for my clinical placement just in time to be a part of their experience. I wanted them to ask, but wouldn’t expect it – I wanted them to decide what/who they needed to surround them during this time of great transition. When they asked me, I literally exploded – trying to stay cool as I accepted the offer..there really is no greater gift. The opportunity to support and love my sister in law and brother through labour and watch my first niece or nephew come into the world will be a gift I will cherish forever.

Growing a life is challenging. Pregnancy can be less than glamorous and at times downright hard. There are so many thoughts to consider and plans to be made. The pressure of the outside world (from what car seat to buy to where to give birth) is subject to criticism and judgement at every turn. My promise to you is that I will always be in your corner, I will always listen and I will always know that whatever choices come to pass in your journey through parenthood, you have my support. I will be here to bounce ideas off of, give suggestions or to simply just listen. I remember this time.. the sweet space when meeting your baby could be any week, day, any hour……enjoy that unknown and love each other up with the gentlest of sweetness you have ever given. Go into labour brave and strong – even if it feels so abstract to consider before the fact. Sink into your baby – just you three. Lock the outside world away for just a while and learn what your baby smells like- their warm skin on yours as you gaze upon the wonder of the miracle you have created. My sweet brother and his incredible wife, you two are a piece of what makes my heart beat. Our families integral to each other. My wish for you is that you continue to be the unique, thoughtful people you already and that you always remember you are supported and loved by many many friends and family. I am here for you. I will hold the sacred space so you can fall into the deepest love you will ever know. I will witness. I will guard. From the bottom of my heart, with every cell in my body, I love you three and could not be more proud.

** this session was done over two days in 4 location in very opposing weather **

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Erin the Ocean Goddess

I am always so blown away by the exquisite beauty that emanates from pregnant women, and Erin is no exception. Her calm and easy going attitude made capturing shots a breeze. The ocean shots are my favourite! WARNING: If you’re offended by the naked form of a gorgeous pregnant woman PLEASE don’t look any further 🙂



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Jamie {pregnant goddess}

Jamie is such a beautiful woman. Not that I needed to mention that, I mean, LOOK at her. If I told you she was even more beautiful on the inside I bet you wouldn’t believe me. You would be wrong 😉 I have known Jamie for 9 years now and we have spent so many wonderful hours discussing babies and birth over the years. Now that the time has come and she has grown her own little miracle, I cant lie, Im over the moon excited for her and Justin. She embodies pregnancy, and is just so graceful and lovely its hard not to well up when I see these images. Jamie, you mean the world to me. You and Justin will be (are already) the BEST parents ever! xoxoxo

“We have a secret in our culture and its NOT that birth is painful. Its that women are STRONG”

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Earth Mother Rosalind

I was so so SO excited to take these images of Rosalind! We have a very special project in partnership with St.Josephs maternity coming very soon and her participation really made the difference. I love her expressions, so honest and not posed is any way. Organic, like the earth mother that she is. A Special thank you to Mary Everson to granting us the privilege of photographing the big house and beach front…

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The Harding Family

My lovely friend Livea is expecting another baby in just a week! I gave Ella a little mini session to celebrate her 3rd birthday so we decided to do family/maternity photos to capture their last weeks as a family of 3 (ok 4 if you count Capone the Pug) before their little man makes an appearance and to honour Ella and the three years she has filled her parents and family with joy..these images make me smile 🙂IMG_1787* IMG_1570* IMG_1819* IMG_1711* IMG_1798* IMG_1793* IMG_1818* IMG_1545* IMG_1557* IMG_1752* IMG_1756* IMG_1831* IMG_1791*

Lindsay the Ocean Goddess

There is something so etherial about spring on Vancouver Island. Although the landscape is nearly drained of colour, mother earth is still teaming with life, if you care to really notice. Lindsay, so lovely and glowing along side her gorgeous daughter Peyton, braved the chilly tidepools, and the love they share for each other and for their unborn babe was truly incredible. Ive always been blessed photographing expectant mothers, but this session was extra special. Lindsay is such an incredible, intuitive and loving mother and you can feel her maternal energy. She feels safe, wise and so comfortable with her body, it was like watching the magic of life right before my eyes, and I without a doubt choked up taking some of the big pan shots of her at the beach. So powerful. So exquisite. It has been an honour to watch her family grow I look forward to seeing the teeny little creation in the weeks to come as he moves earth side into the most loving and attentive hands I could ever imagine. So much love to you Linds, these images speak for themselves, you really ARE a goddess 🙂



























Louise the Winter Goddess


I had the opportunity to photograph the ever-lovely Louise and her sweet family this past weekend. There is a magic about these people. They love each other so much and so completely, its hard not to feel when you spent time with them. Louise is expecting their second child very soon and so we decided this time we would walk around the wintery streets in Cumberland to celebrate this solstice baby bump! Thank you for braving the cold Louise, Im so lucky to know you and to have the privilege of documenting your family as it grows 🙂