He arrived! Sweet little Lucas made his way to his parents arms and I travelled over to Vancouver Island to capture some sweet moments. Im finding myself falling deeper in love with capturing babies in their natural being; less posed,more real. Parents loving their sweet newbie up and siblings exploring on their own terms. I feel like these images speak to that love and genuine interaction. Im so grateful, I know Ive said is so many times before..but this is really the most amazing job.

130A3419- 130A3439- 130A3461- 130A3509- 130A3526- 130A3540- 130A3550- 130A3553- 130A3557- 130A3613- 130A3655- 130A3670- 130A3673- 130A3679- 130A3689- 130A3704- 130A3769- 130A3791- 130A3794- 130A3819- 130A3831- 130A3850- 130A3883- 130A3886- 130A3974- 130A4039- 130A4045- 130A4119- 130A4137- 130A4165- 130A4244- 130A4253- 130A4263- 130A4304-


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