Erin the Ocean Goddess

I am always so blown away by the exquisite beauty that emanates from pregnant women, and Erin is no exception. Her calm and easy going attitude made capturing shots a breeze. The ocean shots are my favourite! WARNING: If you’re offended by the naked form of a gorgeous pregnant woman PLEASE don’t look any further 🙂



130A1339* 130A1364* 130A1371* 130A1452* 130A1444* 130A1404* 130A1373* 130A1459* 130A1462* 130A1467* 130A1519* 130A1557* 130A1538* 130A1534* 130A1524* 130A1607* 130A1667* 130A1668* 130A1726* 130A1766* 130A1733* 130A1732* 130A1730* 130A1811* 130A1823* 130A1844* 130A1871* 130A1999* 130A1983* 130A1979* 130A1907* 130A2016* 130A2033* 130A2038* 130A2044* 130A2049* 130A2096* 130A2105* 130A2133*


One thought on “Erin the Ocean Goddess

  1. Shawna, you have done it again. They are just beautiful. Thanks once more for working magic with my family infront of your lens. xoxo

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